My services

I offer DJ services, modern house music gigs with nice and human-friendly elements, and an attitude close to people. I believe in your success and a big portion of that is hidden in the proper relationship between all the participants. The artist, club owners, and fans from the other side, all must be in "SYNC", to make the magic come to life.

My Basic DJ system

There are many DJs that overcomplicated the art of DJ'ing. I am not that type. Yes, I am technical in many aspects and I use the technology behind the scenes, which nobody sees in my own creative approach. But by far the best mixing for me is the simple phrase mixing technique.


Professional gear

I use only top equipment. Lately with my Denon gear, I bring all my music in the players and there is no need to count on computers.


Modern electronic music

Even when I started around 25 years ago, I always strive to stick to modern and groovy music that makes you dance.


Mix execution process

I stongly believe that less is more nowdays, thats why I use only 2 players, while in practice I own 4. Simplicity in mixing will remain evergreen for me.

Contact me

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